Monday, July 10, 1933

“Old Bill” Suggests—

Considering the extraordinary power wielded by one who naturally is in the right, it is a wonder that more folks don’t do right just for the satisfaction of being able to exult over their chance opponents. “Thrice armed is he who hath his quarrel just,” is more truth than poetry.

At the same time, curiously enough, the habit of being in tune with the infinite is apt to result in that unconsciously smug superiority that makes reformers odious.

Being on the right side of the market once does not turn a margin trader into a mental giant nor do good deeds entitle the pious to say “Please make Willie as good a little boy as I am.”

The Old Testament prophets used to watch for this tendency and break it up with fasting and a hair shirt. For most of us, our own errors, like castor oil, recur often enough to preserve a normal viewpoint.


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