“Old Bill” Suggests—

When Vincent Bendix was developing his brake, at an age when most men would be willing to retire, his energy used to be a marvel to his subordinates. After a full day of conferences and decisions in the office, he added enthusiasm to a banquet and sales meeting in the evening.

About 11 o’clock he was missed and was finally found out in the factory, experimenting with some mechanical problem in company with half a dozen experts in greasy overalls. Then he came back to make the closing speech of the sales session, went to bed at midnight, and was at work again, bright and cheery, at 8:45 next morning.

His secret, like that of Edison, was in not being at cross purposes with himself. When his interest flagged he turned to some new aspect of the same problem.

Rotation of crops is a good thing for the mind as well as for a farm.


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