Royal Munger Cited in “10,000 Famous Freemasons from K to Z, Volume 3”

Page 246 of 10,000 Famous Freemasons from K to Z, Volume 3, courtesy of Google Books:

Royal F. Munger (1894-1944)

Newspaperman, author. b. July 25, 1894 in Chicago, Ill. Received doctorate from U. of Chicago in 1937. Was with the Chicago Daily News from 1921 as reporter, financial reporter, investment editor, vocational adviser, and financial editor. He wrote The Rise and Fall of Samuel Insull and A Square Deal for Labor. Served in WWI from private to lieutenant in Marine Corps, and was wounded at Attigny, France. In WWII he served as a Marine Corps captain, was reported missing in action March 25, 1944, and later declared legally dead by the Marine Corps. Member of Kenwood Lodge No. 800, Chicago, receiving degrees on Sept 8, 22 and Oct. 27, 1919.

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