From Ethics and Social Policy, by Wayne A. R. Leys

Courtesy of Google Books:

From footnote on page 100:

When a nonmanagerial stockholder does attend the stockholders’ meeting and dares to speak up, he may be written up in the next day’s newspaper as a crackpot. Royal Munger, financial editor of the Chicago Daily News, expressed sympathy for the dissenting stockholder, but he could not refrain from ridicule in reporting a corporation meeting where some investors insisted on expressing their opionions: “One of the cranks ask whether it is true that the president has to pay 50 per cent of his salary in income tax. ‘I think that is a waste of money,’ he asserts. ‘We ought to pay him less so that he wouldn’t have to pay such large taxes.’” (Chicago Daily News, July 10, 1939.)

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