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Wednesday, April 10, 1935

“Old Bill” Suggests— If there were an exact number of jobs in the world the cure for unemployment would be a very simple problem in long division. Work hours needed, divided by workers, equal working day. Q. E. D. Instead … Continue reading

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Friday, May 24, 1935

“Old Bill” Suggests— In economic theory, “token money” is assumed to be a promise to pay certain commodities of fixed value, usually gold, in return for the token. That is a trust, a fiduciary relationship, whether the pledge is given … Continue reading

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“Old Bill” Suggests— A disease of the public mind in every new democracy in history (and for the bulk of its urban population America is a democratic experience of less than half a century) has been the illusion that high-flown … Continue reading

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Tuesday, March 12, 1935

“Old Bill” Suggests— Most jobs require that the jobholder keep himself on hand and perform, when needed, some service to the human race. Granted these two requirements, over a reasonable period, both rewards and responsibilities tend to increase. More so … Continue reading

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Thursday, February 21, 1935

“Old Bill” Suggests— Here is a true story of success: “John Doe” and his wife were both born in a small town in Ohio. His parents died when he was young and he lived with a veteran florist. All his … Continue reading

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Tuesday, February 5, 1935

“Old Bill” Suggests— Anthropologists are handicapped in their study of early man and preman by the lack of skeletal remains. The only prehistoric animals that left their calling cards in the clays, shales or sedimentary rocks were those that were … Continue reading

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Obituary for Royal’s Mother in Hyde Park Herald

Hyde Park Herald, February 27, 1931, page 14, near top of column 4, Obituaries (continued from page 7): Mrs. Munger was born in Chicago and for many years was active in religious and civic matters. She was a member of … Continue reading

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