Thursday, May 21, 1936

“Old Bill” Suggests—

As a youth just out of college, working in the shops of the Link-Belt Company, I found something puzzling in the blueprint of a forty-ton steam crane I was assembling and sat down to figure it out. The foreman was horrified and said so, vividly. To sit down on the job was a crime, no matter how good the reason. He was right psychologically, if not practically.

Man as a natural animal has no particular regard for work; it is an acquired taste. Even after 5,000 generations, man still has to drive himself until work becomes a habit. After that, he is unhappy when not working.

A basic error in the majority of government relief projects is that they ignore the fact that hard work is a virtue in itself. If the various projects were set up to use the capacity of individuals to the utmost, instead of half-using them, their whole aspect would be different.

There never has been any lack of things to be done.


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