Thursday, July 16, 1936

“Old Bill” Suggests—

The American depression of 1930-1934 was more of a strain in some ways than the American participation in the world war. In a victorious expeditionary war one can be more or less carefree despite danger, while responsibilities and anxieties of peace are not lightened by the grim irony of personal security. The business men who shot themselves or jumped out of windows were not very secure.

Jean Nicolas Corvisart des Marets, who received widespread recognition in France as a result of his clinical work in heart cases and climaxed a lifetime of endeavor (1755-1821) by appointment as government health officer for the Haute-Marne, commented extensively on the diseases of the heart which he noticed as a consequence of the terrible emotions produced by the scenes oof the French revolution.

It may be just as well to recognize that every man in a responsible position has carried an abnormal load during the period of hard times that closed with the improving employment of 1935-6. The sufferers have not all been those “on relief.” If people recognize the strain and go a little easy for the next couple of years, until they recuperate, they will live a lot longer.


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