Wednesday, June 24, 1936

“Old Bill” Suggests—

What a constantly flowing pattern a city is. Wonder how readers would answer some of the questions that arise out of the morning mail bag. Some would certainly do beter. Or would the answers be different?

…Woman 60 years old wants to know how to invest $5,000 to get 6 per cent and safety. It can’t be done just now, madam. And between the two, it’s better to take the safety. At that age an annuity gives a better yield than most investments.

…Young man of 24 working as paint shop foreman in factory at $14 a week and can’t get more because the factory is itself operating in the red. Suggest he get more or quit; that is no pay for a foreman in this stage of recovery. Or keep his job and see about getting the creditors to put him in charge of the factory.

…Pathetic anonymous letter from woman who has been a stenographer for thirty-five years and is getting $12 a week. Is there any justice in the world? But her letter contains two abuses of grammar and three mispelled words.

…Man with invention that “will make millions” wants to know how to get capital wihtout giving up control. Tought luck but no solution. Would he give up control of his dollar to someone else? Neither will others. Win or lose, he willhave to save money himself or take a secondary place.

And so the regular work of the day.


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