Monday, November 16, 1936

“Old Bill” Suggests—

It is hard on any man to deny him opportunity, but harder to give him responsibilities that may be beyond his capacity.

Not long ago, a minister of the gospel, a high-minded and unselfish man, was placed in control of some church funds in what was practically a fiduciary relationship. He had no training to fit him for this. Another man, who had gained his friendship by kindness and favors, got into dealings with the fund, taking out money and given in return a post-dated check.

When the smash came, the clergyman had a drawer full of post-dated checks, which to him seemed just as much money as so many dollar bills. He was heartbroken, for he had been entirely innocent of wrong intent, but that could not bring back the money.

It takes all kinds of folks to make a world, and all of us have our shortcomings. No one is perfect. The sane and kindly course, in most situations, is to regard people as tools, estimate accurately what they can be trusted to do, and use them for the functions they can and will perform.

An also, you don’t cut yourself.


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