“Old Bill” Suggests—

A Chicagoan who has been giving his spare time to altruistic employment work during the last few years says that the hardest man to place is the one who comes in with the pathetic and often repeated plea, “I’ll do anything.”

It is heart-breaking when you think about it for a moment. The pride of skill, the preference for work, has fallen before the hard realities of necessity. The man comes without reservation, willing to take any status that will assure an honest living. And yet it is just that man who makes the placement official tear his hair.

The good bluff fellow who says, “I’m an expert trainer of canaries and the doggone best raiser of canaries in the United States,” may make you think hard, particularly if you don’t know anyone who wants canaries raised, but at least that is a starting point. If he adds that he is so enthusiastic about that job that he fairly dreams about it, the chances are that, even if you have no canaries, there might be a chance of using that man to raise chickens.

Everyone in this world has some peculiarity that can be made an asset if it is used properly.


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